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Thalassa Hotel - Edipsos Evia Greece

The island of Evia ( Euboea ) is one of the most beautiful and impressive islands in Greece. Second in size only to that of Crete, the island of Evia is the perfect combination of mountain and sea, of rich scenery and thriving nature. It is a destination where you can enjoy holidays and vacations of all types throughout the year. Each season in Evia brings with it a new landscape of colours, scenery and aromas - a perfect treat for the senses.

The region of North Evia is considered by many to be the most beautiful part of this magical island. The rich and lushious nature and vegetation, combined with the dominating mountains, beautiful coastline and wonderful beaches make the region that every visitor to Evia should try to visit.

Located wiithin the tranquil bay of Yialtra and at the foot hill of the total green mountain Telethrion, is situated the famous town of Edipsos ( Aidipsos ), which is famous throughout Greece and the rest of the world for the wonderful natural spas that are found here.

Thalassa Hotel - Edipsos Evia Greece

The natural healing properties of these spas and waters are well known, and the town is one that attracts a huge number of visitors who come to Evia for therapeutic and holidays of pure relaxation.

Located right next to the sea is the "Thalassa Hotel" from which we are delighted to welcome you to Edipsos, and are very proud to offer you a wonderful selection of quality and comfortable accommodation for your holidays and travels in Evia.

Perfectly located in a prime position in Edipsos, our hotel offers all of the facilities that the modern traveller has come to expect, as well as a unique and hospitable service, making sure that the our guests are both relaxed and comfortable when staying here with us.

Reaching the Thalassa Hotel is very easy. From Athens, you will take the national Athens-Thessaloniki motorway. At the 150km point, you will reach the port of Arkitsas. From here, you will take the ferry boat over to the harbour of Edipsos. From Thessaloniki and North Greece, you will take the national Thessaloniki-Athens motorway. After 250km, you will reach the port town of Glyfas. From here, you will take the ferry boat over to Edipsos.

The geographic position of the Thalassa Hotel means that it offers some truly spectacular views of the sea that stretch between Central Greece and Evia. The Thalassa Hotel offers visitors a perfect setting to experience the beauty of the island, as it is situated in a central point of North Evia.

We operate throughout the year so whenever you are planning to take your trip to Evia and Edipsos, you can be confident that we will be here, waiting to offer you a very sincere and warm welcome.

If you would like any further information about our accommodation and facilities, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist with any questions that you may have.

Hotel Highlights

Cafe Bar - Thalassa Hotel
Cafe Bar
Take a break and enjoy a refreshing drink of coffee in our lovely cafe bar.
Restaurant - Thalassa Hotel
Enjoy a tasty and freshly prepared meal at our delightful restaurant.
Spa Pool - Thalassa Hotel
Spa Pool
Enjoy a relaxing and healthy break by unwinding in our popular spa pool.
Edipsos - Evia Greece
Edipsos Evia
Enjoy exploring the beautiful spa town of Edipsos in North Evia.